Best Hidden GPS Tracker for Car

Introduction about hidden GPS tracker for the car:

We all want to know the location of our favorite person while he/she travelling in vehicle and the safety of them, right. What can we use to track the position of the person, an automobile, and a pet? Definitely, the GPS will help to do this effectively. In the recent years, the Global positioning system is becoming more popular and are widely used in numerous services. This US satellite-based system helps us to find the direction to whichever destination we want to go. It’s doing the sensitive task so you should buy the perfect hidden GPS tracker for your car.

The hidden GPS tracker will help you to hide this in the car. It is the one which helps you to track the position of an object in a real time. One added benefit with this tracker is it allows you to locate your car so that you can receive alerts when your car enters or leaves from a specific area. The main use of the hidden GPS tracker is that it tracks the car in a hidden manner so the person who will use the car does not know that he/she is being tracked.

Things to consider when buying hidden GPS tracker for a car:

You all know that it’s not easy to track the position of an object without the perfect GPS. It’s important to do a deep research before picking the best hidden GPS tracker for you. In order to choose the perfect global positioning system, you should know the important features of it. They are as follows,

  1. Design:

The design of the GPS is the first thing to think about so that you can fit the GPS inside or underneath your car. The GPS is available in various models and also comes with different features. It will help you to choose your favorite one from the wide range of available GPS tracker.

  1. No activation costs and contracts:

There are so many GPS out there in the market and some of them are coming with no activation costs and contracts. You should choose the one that allows you to use the GPS without being paid for activation.

  1. Tracks or monitors perfectly:

Be sure that this global positioning system alerts you through text or email when a person leaves or enters into a particular area.

  1. Size:

The size of the global positioning system is important. You need to buy the GPS which is compact in size so you can easily attach it to a vehicle, belt, and backpack, so on.

  1. Waterproof:

Check whether the GPS is made from ABS material so it will not get damage while using it in any harsh environment. If it’s shockproof also, it will be good to use.

  1. Three different modes:

You can find the GPS with various different modes in these days. It’s best to find the Global positioning system with 3 different modes include safe mode, power saving mode, and long standby mode.

Remember the above features while purchasing the best hidden GPS tracker for your vehicle.

Recommended Products:

We have listed the top 5 hidden global positioning system tracker for a car to help you in saving your hard earned dollars.

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker:

Spy Tec has been the world’s best-selling provider in delivering the hidden GPS tracker at an affordable price. This features a lightweight design and the dimensions also great so you can easily fit this GPS anywhere in your vehicle or in any object. This tracker is perfect for tracking vehicles such as the car, jeep, truck, and so on, teens, spouses, assets, and much more.

This features a compact size so you can easily fit it inside your car, on your belt, or you can fit this inside of the backpack. With the help of the internet, you can easily track the position of a vehicle in a real time. If you buy this GPS tracker, you can use this without being paid for activation or cancellation fees. Moreover, there is no need to pay contract fees as well. You need to pay only $25 per month to use this vehicle GPS tracker.


  • It alerts you when a person leaves or enters into a particular area.
  • It’s cost inexpensive to buy.


  • You need to pay monthly to use it.

Vyncs No Monthly Fee Connected Car OBD Link, 3G Car GPS Tracker:

Vyncs has been the renowned manufacturer of providing car GPS trackers and all the GPS from this brand will be good and lasts long forever. This features a fantastic design and it’s the best GPS tracking device ever at this price. In order to use this tracker, you no need to pay neither the monthly nor the activation fee. You can easily get the updates of every 3 minutes. Moreover, this GPS will allow you to receive alerts when the vehicle enters the particular zone.

This also helps to avoid unsafe driving so that you can easily save your car from the accident. If you want to get recall notifications and vehicle maintenance reminders, then this is the best GPS tracker to go for.


  • It works perfectly
  • It comes with 1-year free service.
  • The black color looks very nice.


  • It’s too pricey.

NEW VERSION GL300 W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker:

AMERICALOC is the best provider and it is famous in selling the global positioning system at great low prices with good features. This is an awesome mini GPS tracker which is easy to portable to anywhere you want. With this GPS, you can easily track everything includes vehicle, person, asset, and much more. This is the new version of the model GL300 so don’t stick with old one. It provides good battery life while comparing with the old version. You can install this without any installation fees or any hidden fees.

The most important feature is that you will receive alerts when the vehicle or person are out of zones, a device on/off, while parking car, front button pressed, and so on. It allows you to track the location of the vehicle in a real time. Furthermore, you can also get 1 year of tracking history. With this GPS tracker, you can track the vehicle location from anywhere in the world. Get updates for every 1 minute with this new version GL300 GPS.


  • It’s compact and small.
  • It helps to track from any devices.


  • Battery life is not so good. But, it will work for 1 year in a good manner.

Car GPS Tracker, Waterproof GPS/GSM/GPRS Tracking System:

Are you looking for the waterproof and shockproof car GPS tracker? If so, then this is the best choice for you. There is no monthly fee to be paid for tracking the location of a vehicle, person, and asset. This is featured with three different modes so you can use it in various situations. It gives the exact location of the vehicle so you can find your theft car as well. This GPS tracker for car features a stylish design and it is compact in size, so it will fit in every place. If you place this GPS tracker, you can also control your spouse, son/daughter driving speed and helps to find his/her location as well.

This GPS is made from ABS material so it will not get damage as soon. With its waterproof and shockproof feature, you can use it in any harsh environment too.


  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s less expensive to buy.


  • It didn’t come with perfect instructions to install.

Anysun vehicles GPS Tracker Quad band Car Tracker:

Anysun is providing the best tracker at a reasonable price and this is a GPS tracker for car, which alerts you when it moves, or it goes over speed, and so on. With this hidden GPS tracker, you can easily spy on your son/daughter driving. It supports phone tracking and website tracking as well. In addition to this, if you cross the normal driving speed, it will alert you. The battery life of this GPS tracker is good and it gives the exact location where your vehicle is exactly located.

The most important feature of this GPS tracker is that it alerts you when the battery drains. Moreover, it supports 4G SD card and TCP, UDP protocol as well.


  • It gives the movement alert.
  • You can get over speed alarm.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • It works great and good for the price.


  • The standby time is 3-4 hours only.


Nowadays, it becomes easy to track the location of your favorite person or your car from wherever you are with the GPS. Moreover, the hidden GPS is becoming more popular when comparing to a normal Global positioning system. This is because of its features include good battery life, tracking the object secretly, and there is no need to pay an activation fee as well. You should buy the best hidden GPS tracker for a car so only you can track your object at an affordable price.

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