5 Best GPS trackers for car

The GPS tracking device is used in the car for many reasons such as protecting your car from a theft actions by keeping an eye on your car. When you are going buy a new thing, before that you need to know about the full use of that device and best models available in the market in for that device.

You may have a high expensive car or low budget car, the thing is that you should buy a best GPS tracker device to monitor the activities of your car. Here is the list of best 5 GPS tracking devices are shown and explained with their features.

  • Spark Nano,
  • Zoombak Advanced A-GPS,
  • Escort Entourage PS,
  • Garmin GTU 10,
  • LoJack,

Spark Nano:

The spark nano is the top rated tracker from all other brands available in the market due to the easy installation and simple web interface design. By using this tracker it is easy to set up a geofence which sends a text message if the tracker has gone out the range of your specified location or go to any other new place where you are not going before.

The rate of this tracker is very affordable and it is easy to track your car from your phone or laptop.

Zoombak Advanced A-GPS:

This is modern GPS tracker device which can be operated with 2 modes of power as charging from a car battery or running with its own battery. It is easy to install this tracker in your car. This tracker comes with easy portable options.

The Zoom backtracker can continuously track your car and send a message using the internet to your specified account. In addition to an alert message it was given, this tracker has maintained a long log file which stores the history of places visited by your car.

Escort Entourage PS:

This tracker is specially designed for PS  model cars due to the live monitoring facility it gives to the user. This is the only model in GPS tracker which has both portable design and hard wire control connection to connect your car with your GPS tracker.

This GPS  model has some other advanced features like geofencing and monitoring the car with a certain perimeter and sends an alert e-mail to you.

Garmin GTU 10:

The Garmin GTU 10 model has come with a 1-year subscription which makes it affordable for the buyer with a low-cost value compare to other GPS tracking devices.

Compare to other tracking devices this device offers you a very easy checking process via online about your car location and sends you notifications continuously via geofences and keep your log file for next 7 days.


The LoJack car tracker is a most expensive car tracker in the market and it requires the original dealer to fix the tracker on your car and perform the installation process. This device has some unique features like radio frequency to inform the police when your car is stolen by someone.