Americaloc New Version GL300 W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

Generally, this GL300w is one of the newest versions of the GPS trackers. The company provides the free service for first 2 months to the users. After that, you should pay the money for it. But, it will be less when comparing to other. This GPS tracker is not like an old one. Based on the customer requirements, the manufacturing company introduced several features so you will get many benefits of using this GPS tracker.

Features of Americaloc GL300 W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker:

Don’t waste your money. Get this GPS tracker and enjoy the various excellent features. Some of the best features are we discuss below,

  1. Awesome battery life:

When it comes to the battery life of this GPS tracker is high when comparing to the other GPS tracker in the market. I’m damn sure the battery will last for a longer period. Even, most of the people prefer this GPS tracker for battery life.

  1. Convenience:

With the help of this tracking device, you will get the long alerts when it is low in battery. Even, if your vehicle crosses the medium speed, then instantly you will get the alert. Moreover, you can easily track it using your computer and tablets.

  1. Proper updating:

If you are using this device, you will get the updating information of every 1 minute. It will not miss any of your detail. Moreover, the people those who are using this tracker device they will get 1 international SIM card. With the help of this SIM card, you can easily track the device anywhere in the world.


  • It is low in price.


  • Sometimes, the operation of this device may tough to users.


Purchase this high-quality of GPS tracking device and get the 1 year of warranty support.

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Americaloc New Version GL300 W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker