How to hide the GPS tracker in a car?

If you have an own car with a little space you may feel to hide the devices in any reserved parts of your car.  GPS tracking device is essential in the car to monitor the activities of your car and makes your car in a secure way.

When you are planning to hide your GPS tracker within your car, there are a lot of locations to choose to hide the GPS tracker. The important point is that to place your GPS tracker device as a spy device you must ensure that the size of your tracker system should be very small which will not be absorbed by anyone easily.

In this article, we recommend you some places in your car to hide your GPS device, which is listed and explained below,

  • Inside the dashboard of your car,
  • In Undercarriage of the vehicle,
  • In rear plastic bumper or in the front side of your car,
  • In the back brake lights inside of your car,
  • Inside of the car seat material,

Inside the dashboard of your car:

Try learning how to open and close the dashboard of your car and then place your GPS tracker inside of your car dashboard. This is the most recommended place to hide your GPS transmitter because the driver cannot easily view the dashboard and the device can get the slight network easily even it was placed inside the dashboard.

In Undercarriage of the vehicle:

When you are having a magnetic power tracking device then it was a good place to hide your tracker device. This part of your car can easily stick anything made up of metals so that you can place it easily.

A point to note here is that, before processing with a tracking device, try to cover it with a waterproof material to produce it from external water and snow or dirt.

In rear plastic bumper or in the front side of your car:

This is another ideal place to hide your GPS tracking device which is made up of a plastic. Even though most of the drivers will remove the plastic bumper frequently, they won’t check the inside of your bumper.

By hiding your GPS  in this place you can avoid the effects metals near to your GSP signal.

In the back brake lights inside of your car:

Before dismantling the lights of your car, learn how to open and close the lights covers of your car. Open your car light cover and place your tracker inside and close it tightly. But this has one disadvantage that, it may lead to cause your car break failure.

Inside of the car seat material:

When you choose your car seat to hide your GPS tracker, then position it in a way that it should not block the signal of your GPS tracker which make your time difficult to recover the signal back.  So that get a clear idea about hiding your GPS tracker.